The Kennel



Mission - To be the loudest, proudest, and most faithful fans of Charlotte Hounds Lacrosse. With the use of chants, drums, flags, banners and our vocal chords, we promise to stand and cheer on our beloved Hounds and rattle the nerves of our opponents when they enter American Legion Memorial Stadium.










Season Tickets are just $15/game.




The Royal Legion of the Hound, a Hounds supporter group, is making its presence known on gamedays.

Be Loud and Proud - Join the Legion!

04/23 7:30PM EST vs Cannons More Info
04/30 7:30PM EST vs Rattlers More Info
05/14 7:30PM EST vs Launch More Info
05/21 5:00PM EST @ Lizards More Info
06/03 7:30PM EST @ Bayhawks More Info
06/09 7:30PM EST vs Machine More Info
06/11 7:00PM EST @ Cannons More Info
06/18 7:00PM EST @ Launch More Info
06/25 7:30PM EST vs Blaze More Info
07/01 8:00PM EST @ Blaze More Info
07/16 4:30PM EST @ Rattlers More Info
07/23 7:30PM EST vs Outlaws More Info
07/30 5:00PM EST @ Outlaws More Info
08/06 7:30PM EST vs Bayhawks More Info